Ten reasons why Autumn is the best season ever!

Autumn/ Fall is my favourite season and always has been, so trying to condense the reasons why I love it that down to just 10 things is so difficult! There is just so much to love about it!

So here we go, in no particular order:

  1. The Colours. There is nothing like going for an Autumn walk and strolling through hues of oranges, browns, red’s and yellows. There is something so beautiful and cosy about them. It generally just promotes my happiness and I love mmirroring these shades with what I wear too.
  2. Halloween. Of course. Halloween is so much fun! Of course, it’s much bigger in the USA than here in Britain (I’m so jealous of you Americans), but it is growing! I love having my own house in a little village because I get to decorate it inside and out, and all the village children come trick or treating which is so nice. I love everything witchy and magical. Dressing up and doing Halloween makeup too. Halloween is definitely my second favourite ‘holiday’.
  3. Bonfire Night. If you’re not from the UK you may not be so familiar with this, however Bonfire Night commerates the anniversary of the failed gunpowder plot to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605 by Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes and co. Yay history degree kicking in there. I find the history fascinating but I love that we have fireworks displays all around the country and bonfires, often accompained by mulled wine (close to Christmas after all), hot chocolate, and a hotdog or two! And don’t forget the toasted marshmallows! It’s great to get wrapped up and get outside!
  4. Michaelmas Fairs. Namely my hometown’s annual occasion – Abingdon Fair. It is the longest street fair in Europe and it’s so much fun! As a child I loved the rides, as an adult I love that there are many pubs along the way (it is basically an excuse for a pub crawl not going to lie) stalls and games, doughnuts, candyfloss and an absolutely wonderful bustling cheeful atmosphere!
  5. Cosy Nights In. Who doesn’t love to get into their warmest pyjamas, fluffy socks and settle on the sofa with a hot chocolate or cup of tea ad a nice book? I seem to read more in the Autumn, its just so chilled and peaceful.
  6. Hot bubble baths. Before you get into those lovely pyjamas, the hot bubble bath (with a cheeky bath bomb thrown in obviously) makes it perfect! Of course you can do this at any time of year, especially in the depths on winter, but it’s nicer in my opinion when the nights are drawing in than after the shortest day when the nights are getting slightly longer. Dont ask me why! I guess we’ve had the heat of Summer when I don’t usually have baths when it’s hot, therefore I’ve missed having a relaxing bath and I enjoy it more!
  7. Wholesome and warming Food. Like above, you have have these sorts of meals any time of year, but the nights drawing in is an encouragement and kind of makes the food even nicer! I’m talking about stews, soups, casseroles, etc, those dinners/ teas you have after a cold day which warm your bones! Just me? Perhaps!
  8. The Fashion and clothing. I love putting away my shorts and summer dresses for another 6/7 or so months, and digging out the warm and cosy clothes! Warm chunky knitwear? Ohh heaven! Autumn hues? Yes please! New pair of boots? You just try and stop me! Autumnal fashion is the best.
  9. PSL time. Yes I am talking about the fact that it is Pumpkin Spice Latte season people! The best, most delicious, most warming, most happiness-inducing drink the exists on the planet is very high on my list of the best things about Autumn! Very unhealthy but whole cares, its Autumn now! I could actually live on PSL’s, I’m such a basic b**** but I love it!
  10. Countdown to Christmas! Now as I write this on September 26th, we are 90 days away from the big day! Christmas is my favourite holiday and I’m such an Elf. I love everything about it! The lights, decorations, joyful spirit, family time, amazing food, shopping etc… and it’s like the prize at the end of the season of small prizes! The ‘ber’ months are what makes me happy!

Well there we go! Do you likemany of these aspects of Autumn? What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments!🧑

Miche xx

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The Deddington Arms Hotel and Resturant Review

Hey guys!

So this evening I visited a resturant that I haven’t been to before, and I just had to write a quick review of it!

The Deddington Arms Hotel and Restaurant is in Deddington, Oxfordshire (a few miles south of Banbury) and as you can tell by it’s title, is a hotel and a resturant. I can’t give you any information on the hotel side of things as I’ve never stayed there (I live like ten minutes away) but as for the restaurant I can say that it is absolutely amazing.

Credit: Google Images/ Tripadvisor ‘photo provided by Deddington Arms Management’

The staff were very friendly, welcome and attentitive which was clear as soon as we walked in. The dining area is beautifully laid out and very light and fresh.

For a starter we shared some artisan breads with oil, balsamic and hummus which was absolutely gorgeous.

For mains, we had catch of the day (pollock) with chips and duck breast with fondant potato, roasted onion in a cherry jus. The fish and chips was beautiful, very flavoursome and battered with ‘Hooky’ beer. If you’re familiar with this part of Oxfordshire you’ll know that Hooky is the name of the signature beer of the local Hook Norton Brewery. The chips were delicious, super fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside; absolutely beautiful. As for the duck, my OH said it was some of the best duck he’d had and that the cherry really works. The presentation of both dishes was brilliant.

For dessert, we had the Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet and the Honey and Lavender Mouse with candied orange and orange sorbet. The puddings were exquisite, the lavender really does work especially with the sharpness of the orange and white chocolate and raspberry is my favourite flavour combination so we were generally over the moon at these desserts.

As the food was extremely delicious and very well presented you would think that the prices would be extortionate but they were really quite affordable.

I would give this resturant a 10/10 because I could not pick fault at all and I am very happy. If you’re ever in this area I’d definitely recommend visiting, you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

Blenheim Palace

Hi everyone!

Today we visited the beautiful Blenheim Palace in West Oxfordshire. I’ve visited before; if you read my post about the Luna Cinema experience at Blenheim you’ll know, but it’s been a little while since I actually toured the palace. I now only live ten minutes away so yesterday we upgraded to an annual pass. You can do this by asking to donate your entry ticket to the Blenheim Palace Heritage Foundation Charity, which is excellent. I have a feeling Blenheim is going to become my second home now!

Blenheim Palace is situated in the outskirts of the historical market town of Woodstock, where there are many places to stay and a wonderful and vast choice of pubs, resturants and cafes to eat and drink in. Blenheim Palace is really easy to get to: it’s just off the A44 and has copious amounts of parking, with overflow parking available in adjacent fields during major events such as Countryfile Live.

I would throughly recommend starting with the palace tour. You will need to keep the receipt of your entry ticket, or your print-out if you booked tickets online, and show this to the lovely people working on the audio guide stall which is in the colonnade just outside the front steps. The audio guides are brilliant: they are really easy to operate, extremely informative and simple to carry. You learn so much about the family line of the Dukedom of Marlborough, the reason why Blenheim was built, who the land came from, why the palace was decorated in such a way and what each room was used for. I won’t tell you any of the details and information, because as exciting as it is, it’s much better to learn it all yourself when you visit!

After the palace tour, the best thing is to have lunch in the Water Terrace cafe, which has a great selection of food and drink. Once you’re full, why not walk it off with a leisurely stroll around the gorgeous landscaped grounds. The courtyards are beautiful, the Great Lake is breathtaking and the rose garden is lovely!

his isn’t all. You can ride the train from the outside of the palace grounds down to the pleasure gardens, which encompasses an exciting maze and a butterfly house, as well as a toy shop, childrens adventure playground and more places to eat and drink. If you do not wish to take the train, you can drive down to the pleasure gardens as there is parking available. There really is so much to do, and it is great fun for all the family.

A member of our party was in a wheelchair, and we found that the vast majority of Blenheim is wheelchair accessible which is great; we also had my one month old niece with us and her stroller!

Blenheim Palace is of course the birthplace of one of the most infamous Briton’s of all time – Sir Winston Churchill. You can learn all about his life in the Chuchill exhibition inside the palace, and the nearby village of Bladon is where he was laid to rest along with his family at St Martin’s Church.

Overall, I would throughly recommend visiting Blenheim Palace! It’s a must do, especially if you live in or around Oxfordshire! I have a history degree from Oxford Brookes University, and I remember in my first year one of my history professors, Professor Dillinger, comically bellowing “if you haven’t been to Blenheim Palace, what are you doing? Get on the bloody bus and go!” in a lecture. That certainly woke everyone up just after 9am on a rainy morning! So really, take my Professor’s advise, and go!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

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Artyard Cafe, Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Hey guys!

So I wanted to tell you all about a lovely little gem in Enstone, West Oxfordshire, pretty close to the edge of The Cotswolds – Artyard Cafe. I live about ten minutes from this place so I’ve visited quite a few times and each time it never ceases to amaze me, so I wanted to write a review!

Basically, the Artyard Cafe is a bistro, bar, cafe, restaurant, sports bar, grill, all rolled into one. There generally is something for everyone. Outside is a covered patio area with tables, a projector, pool/snooker table etc,as well as a children’s play area. Then, you head downstairs to the main entrance via a little terrace area that also has seating. Inside there are two rooms: the main cafe, which is as fun and quirky as could ever be imagined, with art everywhere that you are able to purchase (hence the name ‘Artyard’), and a smaller room out the back, known as “the den” which is where you’d go and chill if you just wanted a drink or to watch a sports game. They have wonderful food, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, to snacks, ice cream and freshly baked cake, it’s just amazing.

Today I sat in the den as the cafe room was quite busy (the Sunday roasts are extremely popular), it was chilly and raining outside and my OH wanted to watch the football. I sat in a little nook in the bay windows and it was so cosy, just watching the world go by.. (sidenote: does anyone else find the sound of cars passing really therapeutic? Just me?). I had a pot of tea (tea always tastes best out of a teapot, this is a fact) which was lovely. I posted this photo on my instagram earlier:

I generally do not think there could be a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!

I then decided that I was rather peckish and ordered bbq ribs and fries, but i was not prepared for how huge the portion was! (still ate it all though, obviously)

I love how you even get lemon water to wash your hands with after, what a cute, funky idea!

Overall, I really love this place. Excellent value for money, friendly staff and a unique setting. Here is the website which includes the wonderful menu!

Basically, if you live around this area like me or you are just visiting or passing through, you need to check this place out, and I guarantee you will love it!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle xx

*disclaimer – I’m not affiliated with Artyard Cafe in anyway, nor do i know the management or staff personally, I just really really love it!

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