October Goals

Happy October!!

I am loving Autumn so far, and now we have one of the best months ahead of us! As such, I just had to start off what I hope will be a successful Blogtober with my October goals. I have some goals for my blog and goals for myself too.

Blog goals:

  • To reach 600 followers/subscribers on my blog
  • To complete Blogtober to the best of my ability. I know you’re supposed to post every day, which may be difficult, but I’ll try and post as much as possible.
  • To follow more blogs
  • To reach 1k followers on Instagram.
  • To reach 1.2k followers on Twitter.

Personal goals:

  • To read at least two books (one being my book for my mobook monthly Book Club)
  • To save money for Christmas presents
  • To make my own lunches at home rather than buy food at work or on my lunch break.
  • To see my close friends more
  • To put my clean washing away as soon as it is done (rather than leave it in a tote for ages).

So there we go! What are your goals this month? Let me know in the comments!

Miche x

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Astonish Hob Cleaner Review

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to just do a review of the Astonish Hob Cleaner and show how it worked for me. I’m a huge fan of cleaning, although I hated it until I had my own home! My house is far from perfect, and I dont have as much time to clean and tidy as I’d like, but I do enjoy the cleaning up and the sense of achievement that comes with it. I haven’t cleaned my hob for much longer that usual; I usually try and wipe it down most days after use but with wedding planning, the actual day and honeymoon planning/packing and going away etc, it’s been quite a while! I couldn’t wait to clean it, and thought it was the perfect chance to showcase one of the products I use for my blog.

This time, I used one of my favourite products, the Astonish Hob Cleaner. It has quite a cream consistency and comes in a 235ml bottle which I feel last a long time as you don’t really need a tremendous amount.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of grease and spillages on my hob. The stains are usually really tough to get off and the grease and dirt makes the job really dull and grubby. Astonish describe this product as:

  • An everyday essential. Removes burnt on spills and dried on food
  • Polishes to a sparkling shine
  • Leaving a protective coating to help prevent damage from further spillages

I poured some of the cleaner straight onto the hob and used an ordinary washing up sponge to work the product into every part of the hob, including carefully around the controls. I used a sponge that was very slightly damp. Once the product was worked into and covered the entirety of it, I used a microfibre cloth to buff the product out.

Yellow power!

So did this product work? Well, see for yourself:

The before and after photos just show why I love using this cleaner. Has it done what it says on the tin? (Bottle). Yes it has! It has removed all of the stains and grease and left a lovely sparkling shine. Astonish also say that it leaves a protective coating on the hob to prevent future spills. Whilst I believe that if something is to spill onto the hob it’s still going to stain the hob and you can’t stop that, I do that that the shine remains for quite a long time so I do think that it does leave somewhat of a barrier.

Overall, I am always very impressed by this product and out of all of the products that I’ve managed to somehow make fit in our cleaning cupboard (my husband often says I have more cleaning products than Morrisons), I always reach for this one. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What ae your favourite cleaning products? Let me know in the comments!

Miche xxx

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Sundose Supplement Review

Hi guys!

Here is my review of Sundose. I was very kindly sent a course of these supplements which we tailored to suit me, however as always my review will be completely unbiased.

Sundose create personalised supplements tailored to your individual needs that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, probiotics and adaptogens.

The right nutrition can be beneficial not only for hair, nails, and skin condition but also can improve mood and stress levels.

Here’s what I thought:

I love the fact that the product is made especially for you. When you are looking to buy the product, you just have to answer a few short questions which enables Sundose to tailor the products specifically to you. It is then created from scratch for you and sent. The shipping was really quick too. I would say though, that it would be great to have a leaflet inside detailing what the vitamins contained; this was on the outside of the box and the print was rubbing off a little from transit. It was still readable though! The supplements contain many active ingredients, such as Vitamins C, D, E, B6, B12, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, calcium and many more, all individualy tailored to your needs.

You recieve 30 days of products, which consists of 6 tablets and a sachet which you mix with water. I was a bit worried about the sachet tasting awful, but it isn’t bad at all. It has got quite a sharp taste but still does taste of orange juice. I did find that the powder didn’t fully dissolve so did have to keep stirring it, but other than that I had no issues. Of course if you aren’t keen on taking tablets then taking 6 tablets a day may be a bit more difficult for you. I found I was able to take them without any difficulty.

Now, we’ve all heard stories of different vitamins making you look and feel better and if you’re like me who takes so many vitamins usually with no effect, you’re going to be sceptical of this product. However, I can honestly say that after taking Sundose for 30 days, that I did really notice a difference! I’ve felt more ‘awake’ and brighter, and my skin has been so much clearer; even my husband remarked that I had acquired quite a healthy glow. My hair seemed to get greasy less often too, so I’d say that’s a win win!! I also felt more active and refreshed. This was perfact as I completed the 30 day course just in time for my wedding day! My nails have been stronger and I was feeling super happy, although was getting excited about my wedding day! Overall I am really happy with this product and I’m very grateful to Sundose for allowing me to sample it!

I would definitely take Sundose again and I am really happy with the results. You can order and tailor your own vitamins on the website here, or check them out on Facebook, or via the app store as in the above photo.

Thanks for reading!

Miche xx

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100 days to go until my wedding!! What’s left to do and honeymoon plans.

Ok I should start this off with an edit. I wrote the majority of this when it was 100 days to go, but forgot to publish it like the wally I am, so it is now 98 days from today! (18/05/19).

Hey lovelies!

So I am overly excited and I think the title of the post pretty much sums up why! In 100 days I will be a wife! I can’t believe how quickly it has come around, it’s been two years this week since we got engaged and that seems like only yesterday! I thought I’d do a post about everything we’ve got left to do and what we’re doing on our honeymoon as I can’t shut up about it.

So for the wedding plans, we have pretty much everything major sorted. I have my dress, which my amazing best friend and maid of honour is tailoring for me as she’s a bridal seamstress (isn’t that perfect, didn’t I do well!!), bridal shoes, hair and make up booked, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, church, venue, food, day invitations are sent out, suits are booked, rings have arrived, DJ, cake favours, car is booked… I think that’s everything!

Still to do/buy:

  • Bridesmaid’s shoes
  • Flower girl’s dress (she’s our beautiful little niece and only 10 months old at the moment so still growing lots, don’t want to buy her dress too soon but I know what to get her).
  • Games for outdoors for kids and big kids, e.g giant jenga, snakes and ladders, ball games, skittles
  • Toiletries for bathroom baskets. (My maid of honour’s sister got married last year and they had the idea of putting a basket of toiletries such as combs, hairspray, gel, deodorants, perfumes, tissues etc. In the bathrooms so I have stolen this, shoutout to Kate)
  • Jars and sweets for a sweet table, I’ll probably be there half the time
  • Framed photos of our grandparents who sadly aren’t with us anymore
  • Evening invitations and standby day invitations

I THINK that’s it! I’ve probably forgotten things, if you can think of anything or have any more ideas please let me know in the comments! We’re getting married in our village church and having the reception in a manor house nearby.

Now, the honeymoon! I’m so excited for this! We’re going two weeks after the wedding, on September 5th. We wanted to do something relaxing and new. We’re the type who are always doing something adventurous or active on holiday, always on the go, we aren’t too into the chilling part but wanted to try and do something a little more chilled than usual as it’s our honeymoon. So, we thought we’d try a short cruise! I’ve never really been to bothered about the idea of a cruise but after looking into it we wanted to give it a try, but only going on a short one so that we can see what it’s like. We’ll be flying to Miami on September 5th ready to embark on the ship on the 6th, we’re on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. We’ll be heading to the Bahamas and stopping at Nassau and Coco Cay and I am beyond ecstatic! We’ll be doing a bit of chilling but also have a few excursions lined up, such as an island tour of Nassau and a glass bottom boat tour of Coco Cay (always wanted to go on a glass bottom boat). The ship looks amazing, it has loads of places to eat and drink, pools, casino, shops etc. I’m sure we will love it.

Then, we’re doing something we know we love; we’re flying to Las Vegas where we’ll spend a few night before heading off on a road trip around Arizona, my favourite State. We’ll be heading around Sedona, Tuscon, Phoenix, Tombstone, the Grand Canyon and heading into a few national and state parks. I’m super excited, I think I’ve said that so many times but I am already bouncing off the walls!

Hurry up August and September!

Are you getting married or are married? What have you got left to do and what are your plans? Where are you going on honeymoon? Or have you any advice for a first time cruiser or been to any of the places? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

Miche xx

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October Goals

Hi guys!

I am a day late but never mind! Here are my goals for October! It’s properly Autumn now and I am loving the beautiful colours, the chilly mornings and the many pumpkin spice lattes that I have consumed.

First of all, a bit of a chatty introduction on what this month holds for me. I have a new job as a Rental Manager and I start Monday 8th October. I’m really nervous because it’s so new, it’s more responsibility and more of a challenge, but at the same time I am so exciting. It’s difficult because I really love the team I work with, but it’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m sure I’ll have a good team at my new job. It’s longer hours so I am a bit worried about having time for my blog so I might designate certain days where I can write to ensure I carry on as writing is my one true passion in life. As a result, a lot of my goals for this month relate to the fact that I’ll have a new job. Please wish me all the luck in the world as I start a new chapter! Now, without further ado, on with the blog.

Blog Goals:

So I read 2 out of 3 of my goals for September. As I said in my September Goals post which you can read here, my goals were to reach 400 followers on my blog by October 1st, 800 followers on Twitter and 600 on Instagram. I only failed the former so I was quite pleased. I’ve well superseded the social media goals, but I was 40 followers under my blog follower goals. I’m still so over the moon to have 360 followers as I never expected anyone to even read my blog let alone follow it, as I started blogging for my love of writing, and I’m so shocked at how well my social media is doing, so thank you to all of you! My blog goals for October are:

  • Blog – 450
  • Twitter- 1200
  • Instagram – 850

I’m aiming high with Twitter as that medium is my most successful. I’m aiming reasonably lower with Instagram and my blog to try and avoid disappointment but I think they are decent goals anyway. Please do follow me on here if you like my content, as well as my Twitter and my Instagram!

Personal Goals:

So of course, this month is going to be scary and stressful and new with starting my new job, so I think practising a bit of self-care is most important. Here are my goals:

  • To have a relaxing hot bubble bath once a week. I’m guilty of never allowing myself time to chill out. I’m always doing something whether it’s work, volunteering with Brownies, seeing friends and family, writing, household chores etc and I feel like I really need to relax once in a whole. I’m always having daily quick showers bit I think at least one day a week I should have a nice hot bubble bath with a bath bomb, relaxing music, maybe a glass of red wine or green tea, just to relax myself. I know self care is more than having a bath but it is a start.
  • Remembering to always carry out my skin routine, morning and night. I’m also guilty of just taking my makeup off with a wipe or Micellar water and having a quick cleanse. I need to ensure I do more than this, exfoliate, moisturise, use more face masks etc. If anyone know of any great cruelty free skincare products please let me know in the comments!
  • Be positive. When changes happen in life, you should embrace them. I’m worried about my new job as anyone would be, you hope that you will be an asset to a new company and that everything will go smoothly. I’m sure it will, and I’ll give you all an update after my first week. Positivity is always key!
  • Enjoy October! I’m not doing Blogtober as I wouldn’t have chance to write every day, but I’m super excited to write some really Autumnal posts! I have some exciting ideas so i cannot wait to get writing. What a beautiful month.

What are your goals for October? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle xx