100 days to go until my wedding!! What’s left to do and honeymoon plans.

Ok I should start this off with an edit. I wrote the majority of this when it was 100 days to go, but forgot to publish it like the wally I am, so it is now 98 days from today! (18/05/19).

Hey lovelies!

So I am overly excited and I think the title of the post pretty much sums up why! In 100 days I will be a wife! I can’t believe how quickly it has come around, it’s been two years this week since we got engaged and that seems like only yesterday! I thought I’d do a post about everything we’ve got left to do and what we’re doing on our honeymoon as I can’t shut up about it.

So for the wedding plans, we have pretty much everything major sorted. I have my dress, which my amazing best friend and maid of honour is tailoring for me as she’s a bridal seamstress (isn’t that perfect, didn’t I do well!!), bridal shoes, hair and make up booked, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, church, venue, food, day invitations are sent out, suits are booked, rings have arrived, DJ, cake favours, car is booked… I think that’s everything!

Still to do/buy:

  • Bridesmaid’s shoes
  • Flower girl’s dress (she’s our beautiful little niece and only 10 months old at the moment so still growing lots, don’t want to buy her dress too soon but I know what to get her).
  • Games for outdoors for kids and big kids, e.g giant jenga, snakes and ladders, ball games, skittles
  • Toiletries for bathroom baskets. (My maid of honour’s sister got married last year and they had the idea of putting a basket of toiletries such as combs, hairspray, gel, deodorants, perfumes, tissues etc. In the bathrooms so I have stolen this, shoutout to Kate)
  • Jars and sweets for a sweet table, I’ll probably be there half the time
  • Framed photos of our grandparents who sadly aren’t with us anymore
  • Evening invitations and standby day invitations

I THINK that’s it! I’ve probably forgotten things, if you can think of anything or have any more ideas please let me know in the comments! We’re getting married in our village church and having the reception in a manor house nearby.

Now, the honeymoon! I’m so excited for this! We’re going two weeks after the wedding, on September 5th. We wanted to do something relaxing and new. We’re the type who are always doing something adventurous or active on holiday, always on the go, we aren’t too into the chilling part but wanted to try and do something a little more chilled than usual as it’s our honeymoon. So, we thought we’d try a short cruise! I’ve never really been to bothered about the idea of a cruise but after looking into it we wanted to give it a try, but only going on a short one so that we can see what it’s like. We’ll be flying to Miami on September 5th ready to embark on the ship on the 6th, we’re on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. We’ll be heading to the Bahamas and stopping at Nassau and Coco Cay and I am beyond ecstatic! We’ll be doing a bit of chilling but also have a few excursions lined up, such as an island tour of Nassau and a glass bottom boat tour of Coco Cay (always wanted to go on a glass bottom boat). The ship looks amazing, it has loads of places to eat and drink, pools, casino, shops etc. I’m sure we will love it.

Then, we’re doing something we know we love; we’re flying to Las Vegas where we’ll spend a few night before heading off on a road trip around Arizona, my favourite State. We’ll be heading around Sedona, Tuscon, Phoenix, Tombstone, the Grand Canyon and heading into a few national and state parks. I’m super excited, I think I’ve said that so many times but I am already bouncing off the walls!

Hurry up August and September!

Are you getting married or are married? What have you got left to do and what are your plans? Where are you going on honeymoon? Or have you any advice for a first time cruiser or been to any of the places? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

Miche xx

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My Hen Do!

Hi lovelies!

So last weekend I had my hen do (bachelorette party) and it was absolutely amazing! So I thought I’d share it here, because I cannot stop talking about it!

The balloons though!

My best friend/ Maid of Honour picked me up on the Saturday and took me to a beautiful cottage on the outskirts of the Cotswolds, not too far from where I live. She told me to count to 100 and then walk inside. Now me being me, I lost count a few times so who knows how long I waited for! I walked in and there was my cousin/ bridesmaid, my mum and godmother, my mother in law and sister in law to be, and my amazing closest friends were there with streamers, poppers, confetti and pimms!

Pimms O’ Clock

We sat down in the beautiful lounge which was covered in rose gold balloons (rose gold was the theme, my best friend knows me so so well) and participated in some games and quizzes, then we had some cocktail making which was so much fun! I made a champagne margarita and sex on the beach, then my own cocktail which predominately comprised of gin, gin and more gin! (There was a bit of Malibu, peach snapps and a splash of lemonade too).

So shocked hahahaa
My gin cocktail tasting time

We then made our own pizzas which was so much fun and seriously delicious. My pizza was basically a mountain as food is life.

After that, it was time for chilling in the hot tub that had been hired for me. It was so good! One of my friends said I looked like a pageant queen because of my make up, bikini and tiaraπŸ˜‚.

Now the main event of the evening was still to come, a proper karaoke set!! We were belting out so many songs, old and new, and I cannot sing to save my life but I still love doing it, and it was the best thing ever! Everyone enjoyed themselves and got involved! This went onto about midnight when we decided to go back into the hot tub (4 degrees outside, that was fun getting out!).

Now for a sing song!

I generally had so much fun, and I really hate loud crowded places so having a cottage to ourselves with people I’m really comfortable with was so me, rather than going out clubbing or something, which makes me feel so anxious! My best friend knows me so well, and I’m so lucky to have her and my amazing friends and family!

Happy Hen

I’m getting so excited now, 103 days at the time of writing until my wedding day (best friend had my hen do booked three months in advance in case I broke my leg or something, I’m clumsy as can be) and 115 days until my honeymoon! It’s going to be amazing!

Anyone else had a hen do recently or looking forward to one? Or are you getting married soon? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! X

Miche X

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