Getting healthy in five steps!

If, like me, you’re from the UK, you’ll know how lovely and sunny the weather has been for the last few days. It’s as if Spring has come already and it is wonderful. It may just be me, but I find it much easier to be healthy (or at least try to be) when the weather is nice, as opposed to those long cold winter nights where all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and eat my own bodyweight in junk food.

I always fail at trying to stay healthy; I’ll be good for a few days and then give up, but this year I have a very important date in my calendar to act as motivation – my wedding day. I have until the 24th August 2019 to tone up my body and get eating well, I want to look and feel my very best for my big day. My skin is my main issue: it’s very dull and sallow and problematic despite my skincare regime, and I really want clearer skin for my wedding day. I also want to look and feel fit so that my dress fits perfectly and I feel like the princess I so want to be.

Here are five goals that I have set myself to do this!

  1. Drink more water! I am aiming for 2 litres of water a day at first; I have a water bottle with times of the day on the side to encourage you to drink water. This holds 750ml of liquid and I fill it up twice between the hours of 9 and 6, so I keep this for work. As well as this, I am going to make sure I have a 500ml glass of water in the morning and another in the evening to make it to 2.5 litres. My plan is to do this every day in March to see my progress and if it helps me to feel and look healthier. I’m hoping my skin will look clearer when I am keeping fully hydrated.
  2. Eating my five a day! I do like most fruit and vegetables, but I’m terrible at not eating enough. I’m starting to incorporate as much fruit and veg as I can, especially for snacking at my desk at work as it is just too easy to reach for the biscuits! It’s so easy to get unhealthy junk food but fruit and veg can often be difficult and time consuming to prepare, but I have to get instagrammable glowing skin for my wedding so it is what it is!
  3. Exercise! I have a treadmill, I have weights, I have an exercise mat, I have a skipping rope, I have boxing gloves, but do I use them? Absolutely not. Do I need to? Yes if I want to feel fit! I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without nearly passing out. I don’t want to lose too much weight as I was always underweight as a teenager and I’m finally a healthy him weight now and actually have some curves, but I’d still like to tone up and look and feel reasonably fit. I managed to run for 15 minutes at a reasonable pace this evening, and I’d like to make sure I go for a run at least three days a week. On other days I am aiming to go for a long walk, do some weights, put on a fitness video or do yoga.
  4. Sleep! The NHS website recommends around 8 hours a sleep each night, but I very rarely get this and to be honest I would struggle to get this on weeknights. At the moment I get between 5 and 6 hours a night, but I want to aim to get at least 7. If I get up at 5.30am, this means I will need to be in bed and asleep before 10.30pm each day. Sounds easy, but I often try and do so much in an evening that I lose track of time and end up going to bed between 11 and 11.30pm. If I want to feel good and improve my skin, I must get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Take time to look after my mental health. I’ve come to realise that mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s no good taking care of my body without taking care of my mind. I have to ensure I have me time, and practise good self care. Reading a book, writing in this blog, colouring, spending time with family and friends and fiancé, cleaning, going for a walk and having relaxing bath are all ways that help me relax. I am determined to ensure that I will do at least one of these things each day.

So there we have it, five ways in which I hope to get healthy! I have a fitbit which I find extremely useful; it’s great for tracking my steps and exercise, logging how much water I’ve drank and what food I’ve eaten, and it measures my sleep. It’s an absolute godsend and I’d defintely recommend anyone to get one!

Hope you enjoyed the read, and please give me any advice you have in the comments!

Miche xx

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I’m back!


So after a three month hiatus I’m back to blogging, and I’m even more determined than ever to ensure that I write often and spend more time doing the things I love. I’ve been working ten hour days and every other Saturday and I’ve really struggled with time, but I’ve missed blogging so much so I’m making it a priority again. I’ve struggled and I’ve lost myself over the last few months but I’m back to being me now.

So here’s to lots more writing and creativity, here’s to starting a new chapter, and here’s to being me x

Miche x

The Deddington Arms Hotel and Resturant Review

Hey guys!

So this evening I visited a resturant that I haven’t been to before, and I just had to write a quick review of it!

The Deddington Arms Hotel and Restaurant is in Deddington, Oxfordshire (a few miles south of Banbury) and as you can tell by it’s title, is a hotel and a resturant. I can’t give you any information on the hotel side of things as I’ve never stayed there (I live like ten minutes away) but as for the restaurant I can say that it is absolutely amazing.

Credit: Google Images/ Tripadvisor ‘photo provided by Deddington Arms Management’

The staff were very friendly, welcome and attentitive which was clear as soon as we walked in. The dining area is beautifully laid out and very light and fresh.

For a starter we shared some artisan breads with oil, balsamic and hummus which was absolutely gorgeous.

For mains, we had catch of the day (pollock) with chips and duck breast with fondant potato, roasted onion in a cherry jus. The fish and chips was beautiful, very flavoursome and battered with ‘Hooky’ beer. If you’re familiar with this part of Oxfordshire you’ll know that Hooky is the name of the signature beer of the local Hook Norton Brewery. The chips were delicious, super fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside; absolutely beautiful. As for the duck, my OH said it was some of the best duck he’d had and that the cherry really works. The presentation of both dishes was brilliant.

For dessert, we had the Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet and the Honey and Lavender Mouse with candied orange and orange sorbet. The puddings were exquisite, the lavender really does work especially with the sharpness of the orange and white chocolate and raspberry is my favourite flavour combination so we were generally over the moon at these desserts.

As the food was extremely delicious and very well presented you would think that the prices would be extortionate but they were really quite affordable.

I would give this resturant a 10/10 because I could not pick fault at all and I am very happy. If you’re ever in this area I’d definitely recommend visiting, you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Palette Review

Hi everyone!

Today I popped into Superdrug and picked up the Revolution Re-loaded Velvet Rose Palette. I’ve been meaning to get this for a little while and I was not at all disappointed! As usual, Revolution have provided top quality make up for a super affordable price.

The palette consists of 15 shades all together; 5 shimmer and 10 matte shades. These shades consist of a range of mauve, brown and golden shades, which are perfect for Autumn.

Swatches: Bottom Row R-L, Middle Row R-L, Top Row R-L

As you can see, they are really pigmented and gorgeous! They aren’t chalky and you do not have to build them up to get the pigment which is excellent. I especially love the pinkish shimmer shade in the middle. I generally cannot believe that this palette is only £4, and I’m really keen to try the other Re-Loaded palettes! This palette is going to perfect for some really lovely Autumnal looks. I think you could also use this with your Halloween make up look too!

Have you tried this palette? What other palettes would you recommend for an Autumnal vibe? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

Starting University? Here are my thoughts and tips!

Hi everyone,

So it’s been four years since I started my history degree at Oxford Brookes University, and just over a year since I graduated with my 2:1 with honours. Looking back, there are so many things I enjoyed, so many things I wish I’d done, and so many tips I wish I had been given. If you’re about to start your course, I wish you the very best of luck, and I hope you have the most wonderful few years of your life!

Graduation Day, June 2017. A proud moment!

Five aspects I enjoyed:

1) Meeting some wonderful new friends. Megan, Rachel, Lucy and Lily really made my university experience, and I’m so thankful for these amazing girls💖

2) Learning about parts of history I’d never have learnt about if it were not for my professors. Fascinating facts and interesting viewpoints made the subject so enjoyable. The professors and lecturers have a fountain of knowledge and it’s just wonderful.

3) The feeling of getting a piece of coursework back with a good mark. After disastrous A-Levels and barely scraping through to even get to university in the first place, I was overwhelmed when my first ever piece of coursework came back marked as a First.

4) The fact that I can proudly say that I have a degree! It’s a huge accomplishment and such a wonderful reward after all the hard work in my education.

5) Just being a student! The perks of being a student are awesome. Need a new dress? Student discount girllll. Want to burst out crying? You’re studying for a degree it’s fine, it’s understandable! Not ready to adult? Don’t worry, you’re a student, you have your whole life ahead of you, enjoy being young. I wish I was a student again!

I look awful and exhausted, but here is me just about to finally hand in my dissertation! All that hard work, done!

Five aspects I wish I had done better:

1) I wish I’d been more sociable and gone out more. I’m not a clubbing person or heavy drinker, and I’m quite a socially awkward person, but I do wish I’d pushed myself to really enjoy or just try the so-called “student lifestyle” before I became an adult with a full-time job and a mortgage. I let my anxiety stop me doing a lot, and I wonder if pushing myself to socialise more would have helped me.

2) Not procrastinated. Every student is guilty of this I’m sure, but I wish I’d tried to get work completed earlier, studied harder and not left everything to the last minute and caused myself unnessary stress. Those all-nighters could have been avoided if I’d have just got on with it!

3) Spoken to my professors, lecturers and staff leads more. I felt awkward asking for help when I needed it, which is the worst thing I could have done. I should have communicated when I was struggling.

4) Taken the opportunity to use Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. In my third year I could have filled in my form and had unlimited access to the Bodleian Library, an opportunity that I let slip. Always take every single chance that you are given!

5) Worked less. I worked hard throughout university, often working at least 30 hours a week alongside my full-time degree. Needs must to have been able to afford to live, and to have been able to save, as I didn’t have any other financial support. I managed to get a mortgage with my fiancé within months of coming out of university which was amazing and meant we got the perfect house at the best time, but I do think it meant that my studying slipped a bit, especially with my dissertation.

An ordinary day in the life of me, studying for and writing up a paper in the library

My Five Top Tips:

1) Study! Sound obvious, but make it your top priority. You probably won’t get the opportunity again. Be organised, don’t leave everything to the last minute, and always try your best. The rewards outweigh everything.

2) Read! Read all of your course materials and then some. I didn’t, and I feel that with some areas I struggled because I didn’t always have a profound understanding of the topics. Anything to help!

3) Make the most of your student discount. I barely used mine because I always forgot about it, and I miss it now. I could have saved a fortune!

4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions! At the risk of repeating what I have written above, talk to your professors and lecturers and staff leaders! They are there to help you and better you, and they will always assist you in any way possible.

5) Embrace it. Make the most of your time and university, studying a subject you love, spending time with your amazing friends, laughing and loving life. Your degree, and those 3+ years, will go by in a heartbeat. Make the most of it! Whenever you think that you can’t do it, that you’re going to fail or that you’re wasting your time, please remember that you are doing great and it will all be worth it in the end!

Are you starting university? If so, what uni are you going to and what are you studying? Or have you been/are you still attending uni and are there any tips you would give to freshers? Let me know in the comments below!😘

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

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I’m Volunteering with Brownies!

Hi everyone!

So just a short post today, buy I wanted to share something new and exciting that I’ve got involved with – volunteering with the Brownies section of Girl Guiding! Girl Guides are split into sections by age- Rainbows are ages 5-7, Brownies 7-10, Guides 10-14 And in some districts, Rangers, which are ages 14-18.

I’m training to be a Brownies Unit Leader, and was influenced by my lovely colleague who is a Guides County Commissioner. I hope to make a difference and give the girls and exciting and memorable experience with Brownies.

I had my first meeting last night, but only two girls turned up, so we think we’re going to combine with another unit of Brownies in a neighbouring village to ensure we have a sustainable group. I’ve been so worried that the girls wouldn’t like me, and I’m still worried in case they didn’t as they didn’t talk to me very much, but I’m telling myself that kids will not trust easily and they have to get to know you first, so fingers crossed they will. They were both very polite and well-behaved so that was lovely. We did have a lovely evening, which involved baking Apple Spice Muffins which were delicious! (And so perfectly Autumnal). Having never been involved in Brownies or Guides or anything growing up, I’m not very clued up on what goes on but I’m very keen to learn, and I’m finding it really interesting.

Has anyone else volunteered in the Girl Guides, Brownies or Rainbows, or something similar? Or work with children in general? Let me know in the comments, any advice would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle xx

Greatest Showman at Luna Cinemas Blenheim Palace

Hi guys!

So last night I finally got to see the Great Showman, and I have well and truly fallen in love with it! I love musicals and this was phenomenal. Hugh Jackman is such a fabulous actor, and I love Zac Efron, Zendaya and Michelle Williams. All of the cast were brilliant. My favourite songs from the film are Rewrite The Stars, A Million Dreams and This Is Me. 10/10 would watch forty million times.

I saw this at the wonderful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. I live 10-15 minutes away and I feel so blessed to live so close to this beautiful palace and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. The Luna Cinema comes to Blenheim every year (it tours the country, so I’d definitely check if it’s coming to somewhere near you), and it’s a fab experience. I go with my best friend, her mum and her boyfriend and we always have such a laugh!

This year it was raining, so we did get a bit wet and cold, but luckily it did stop raining before the film actually started. We took a huge flask of hot chocolate which was extremely beneficial, and had blankets so that we could wrap up warm. We also took lots of snacks because if you don’t did you even go and see a film?

Had a fabulous evening, I’ve played the Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat and I wanted to share it on my blog!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle xx