Getting organised and planning my blog posts!

Hey guys!

So I popped into Hobbycraft aka the best shop ever to buy a new notebook, and I also bought some pretty pens and a weekly planner. Just a tiny tiny purchase compared to what I could have brought, roll on payday for a proper Hobbycraft Haul!

I absolutely love these designs! The pink watercolour effect is beautiful and sooo ‘instagrammable’. Pink is one of my favourite colours and I am quite a girly girl so this is perfect! Hobbycraft, as ever, you are amazing!

I’ve also planned all of my blog posts for the rest of the year, and I’m especially excited about Blogtober and of course, Blogmas! Christmas is my favourite time of year and as soon as the summer is over I will be counting down the days! I’m so excited for the future of my blog and being able to talk about everything I love. I’m so thankful for everyone who follows and reads my blog, it’s so wonderful! You guys are amazing!

Who else is getting organised with their blog? Do you like Hobbycraft too, or what other stationary stores do you love? Let me know in the comments or tag me in your stationary pictures on Instagram!

Thanks for reading!




13 thoughts on “Getting organised and planning my blog posts!

  1. I’m new to blogging too! I need to make a plan like that to get more organized. Love the pink watercolor! I’ve never heard of hobby craft but we have hobby lobby, I’m wonder if it’s the same type of store? ☺️

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  2. I’m jealous of how prepared you are for the rest of the year already!! I have so many post ideas, but they’ve not materialised into actual drafts yet haha. Honestly, I love Marshall’s or Target’s stationary section, I find the cutest things there!!

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  3. That’s so great how prepared you are!! I’m trying to get organized too, but I definitely haven’t planned as far ahead as you yet 😆 I’m so excited for blogmas too! ❤

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  4. We have a Hobby Lobby here, I don’t know if it’s the same as Hobby Craft but it sounds similar & I love that store. That pink marble design is so pretty & I can’t believe you’ve planned your whole year worth of posts, that’s super impressive!

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