Planning to become completely cruelty free!

In many ways, we are all a bit guilty of overlooking certain situations, and animal testing tends to be one of them. I’ve always been the sort of person who loves trying out different brands, but recently I’ve learn more about the fact that many of these brands sell in China, where animal testing is a legal requirement. I had no idea that so many of my favourite brands sell in China which essentially means that they are endorsing animal testing. I did some research and some of the things I saw and discovered broke my heart, so I’m desperate to transition to using only cruelty-free products. I do tend to stick with cruelty free items but have always tended to still buy some of my favourites, however I want that to change. I’ve seen many people post about this topic recently and so it’s really made me want to write about it. I generally don’t understand why it’s 2018 and some countries and brands find it acceptable to test on animals.

As other people have said in their own posts, I don’t want to waste any products I already have, so if I do end up posting about an item that is not necessarily cruelty free, it’s simply because I had already brought these products prior to researching animal testing. This includes many Garnier and Avon products. I’m really gutted that these two brands are not cruelty free, especially the latter as Avon were one of the first brands to go cruelty free back in 1989 until they started selling in China around 2012. I think this is awful that Avon would put profits before their own ethics, and I’m quite upset because the lady that sells Avon in my village is absolutely lovely, it’s such a shame. Avon, sort it out please!

I do find it difficult to find who is cruelty free as not everyone has the infamous leaping bunny logo on their products, but I’ve been using trustworthy websites such as Cruelty Free International, Friendly and Free, and of course PETA to help me out. One aspect that concerned me about trying to go fully cruelty free was if there were really much of a choice of decent brands, but thanks to these three websites, social media and advertising I’ve found that there are so many choices and brands, and a few are my favourites! I would definitely that my top favourite brands are Revolution, Barry M and Bodyshop, the latter of which was considered to be on tricky territory for a while as it was owned by L’Oreal, but since they were brought out by the cruelty free company Natura, faith in the ethics of the company is being restored, especially now they have released their project to completely ban cosmetic animal testing worldwide. You can learn more about Bodyshop’s campaign, Forever Against Animal Testing, amd possibly sign the petition if you wish, right here. I’ve signed as I think it’s so important. I was always under the impression that all cruelty free products would be expensive but that really isn’t the case, there really are so many brands to choose from.

I have discovered that Aldi’s own brand range of cleaning supplies and Beauty products have been certified cruelty free so I have been trying a few out, and I have to say I am actually impressed! I’ve been using their all in one surface cleaner and it’s really really good! I’ve also been using the Lacura face wipes and they’ve been so good on my skin. I’m thinking of trying an Aldi skincare regime and blogging about the effects, so let me know in the comments if that is something you would like to read.

One thing I’m most concerned about is hair products. I love Aussie so I was really frustrated to realise that they test on animals and therefore not cruelty free. I’m keen to try the range from Bodyshop but I think £7 a bottle is a little much considering I have very long hair and I go through shampoo and conditioner really quick, so if you guys have any suggestions please let me know! My obvious next choice is the Aldi products for reasons mentioned abovw, but they don’t always have a whole lot of choice.

What are your fave cruelty free products? Please let me know in the comments!! Also please don’t think I’m pressuring or judging anyone if you don’t buy cruelty free, this is just a post about my own feelings and what you spend your money on is completely your decision, hence why I haven’t included paragraphs upon paragraphs of the insights to animal testing; this can all be researched online anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Michelle xxx




7 thoughts on “Planning to become completely cruelty free!

  1. I think it’s great you’re going cruelty free! If you’re in the U.K., all of Superdrug’s own brand is cruelty free which is handy for essentials like toothpaste and face wipes. I use the shampoo, it’s not the best but I struggled with hair too. Good luck with it all!x

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  2. Yay! So happy your making the switch to all cruelty-free items! When I lived near an Aldi’s, that’s where I’d buy all my cleaning supplies! Everything works just as good as the name brand stuff!

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  3. This is so great, can’t wait to read your posts and reviews about products! I’d love to transition my make up and skincare to cruelty free products too and I agree sometimes the info available can be really confusing and misleading.

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